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(Video) You can build an entire strategy for your themes marketplace with TMS

By   /  June 30, 2014  /  3 Comments

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Screen Capture Video Demo

There are a lot of IFs involved in TMS back-end and front-end which work seamlessly together.Let me show you in this article how easy you can create a new product type from the back-end and how it will appear on your marketplace’s front-end with all the fields an author needs to describe the product while uploading it.

Plus how the marketplace’s owner settings from Back-End (left screen in the below video) has impact over the author account in Front-End > Author Settings and on Product Upload interface too. You’ll see a lot of conditional interface changes while setting the admin and the author account settings.

Let’s say you want to have the same approach and strategy as Creative Market has:


No problem. In just a few clicks you can have all that setup: author control over setting their prices for regular and extended licenses, Payment Rates, No Exclusivity Lock-ins, no item moderation and instant publishing for authors, etc.

Back-End Marketplace Settings


Let me do some explaining first for each setting:

Marketplace Owners Revenue Share

If you are partnering with somebody on your marketplace, you can specify their users here and setup their profit share. The sum of shares has to be 100% and the username has to match an existing user. Had some errors in the second video, because didn’t specify a correct username and the system didn’t let me save the incorrect settings. In case there one of the marketplace owners wants to change the percentage of other owner, he will be able to do that only if the other owner clicks and activation link which he receives by email and is logged in on the marketplace with his credentials. So – no discarding for partners or modifying their share without their permission.

Authors Coauthoring

If you enable this feature you can specify the Roles – in our case are Designer and Developer. You can see in Front-End the “Available for coauthoring as a…” setting disappearing, when the admin sets that value to off from front-end. I’ll show you in a feature post how great is this feature – it protects the authors which team up and collaborate on creating great themes (or other digital products).

Item Moderation

The marketplace owner can let users publish their items without moderation or with admins moderation or with admins and moderators moderation. Even though the items are moderated we’ve thought about a nice feature – make the files visible and published on the website even if they weren’t yet moderated. They can be took down by admins or moderators after that. But you can say that you have an instant product publishing policy.

Payment Rates and Exclusivity

With this setting you can setup any percentage model. If you want to set exclusivity lock-ins, you can set different payment rates for exclusive and non-exclusive items. If you do that, the system will ask you for a fixed payment rate for non-exclusive items and the minimum & maximum rates for exclusive items, plus the amount of sales an author has to have in order to get the maximum payment rate.

Club Subscriptions & Discounts

These settings speak for themselves. You can see in the video how changing them have impact on product upload interface and on author’s settings fields. You can let your marketplace’s authors offer discounts and sell all their products for one single price + a monthly subscription in order for buyers to have access to all their items. That’s an awesome feature which a lot of theme shop owners told us that they would like in case they would decide to setup a marketplace.

Hope that all other settings are clear, and I’ll do some explaining only on Extended licensing field. You can let your authors set their own extended license prices, or not. More than this you can preset the multiplicator value of the regular price (which you can set for each product type).

Alrighty! Here’s another video.

Some things I did: I’ve created a custom list for product fields, added there the English and Romanian version of the fields. After that created a new product type Logo Design and after that showed how a new product appeared in the New Product Upload with all the setup fields. Sorry for the video quality. Many of you asked us by email to put more videos and here there are two more videos! :)

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