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Yes, we’re already more than 1 month late

By   /  June 22, 2014  /  13 Comments

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  TMS Live Development Progress


Update (August 4th, 2014): We’ve canceled today the Pre-Order TMS option (though the button still exists, but it doesn’t work) so we can focus only on the development, launch and implementations which we have to do already. We’ll get back with updates as soon as we have them.

Hi, everybody.

As many of you noticed – we’re late with the launch. But, you must be glad, because this means a rock-solid product in result.We receive a lot of emails and requests to see a live demo before pre-order. Unfortunately, now there is no online demo – we are working on our local machines to make it happen. This way we achieve a greater development speed.


  Why we missed the deadline?

Because we want every aspect to be made at the highest level from the development and security points of view. And this takes more time than expected. But at the same time this means that it will be the most robust and features-full theme market script on planet Earth.


Because of the received pre-orders, we had to implement more features which will be available to all of the users when the product is launched.

And our first biggest milestone is to migrate ThemeSnap.com on the script, test it properly on a high load environment (10 000+ customers and 100+ online users) and only after that make it available for sale. This migration takes time, as we have to migrate and keep the existing (from 2008) ThemeSnap content intact, along with users, transactions, products, etc.

  What is already done?

  • The entire script architecture with proper database tables and connections and the files structure
  • Content management system with Static Pages, Blocks and SEO options
  • Multi-Language support – for front-end and back-end
  • Secure user registration, activation and login
  • User roles and permissions
  • Email templates management
  • Back-end marketplace and General settings (Multi-domains support, SSL certificate support, custom admin URL, maintenance mode, user registration settings, regional settings with automatic browser language detection, Email SMTP server settings, tracking code, etc).
  • Back-end Marketplace Settings (owners revenue share with double confirmation in case there is more than one owner, coauthoring settings and roles, item moderation, payment rates and exclusivity, currency, payout date, withdrawal minimum, rating reminder setting, author services like freelance work and customization jobs for submitted items, item support on external URL or on-site, club subscription setting – authors can name one price for all their products + a monthly subscription fee)
  • Product Fields Lists
  • Product Types with an unlimited number of fields for a type
  • Product Categories – supports multiple product types
  • Front-End: My Account > Author Settings
  • Front-End: My Account > Notification Settings
  • A proper files uploader
  • Front-End: Upload a Product
  • Front-End: Author / User public profile
  • Front-End: Co-Authoring Agreements Process
  • Front-End: My Account > Account Settings

  What we still have to do

  • Front-End: Item Upload Multi-Language Support
  • Front-End: Item Moderation
  • My Account: Uploads (which include User’s Uploads, Co-Authoring Agreements and Item Moderation in case the user is a moderator)
  • Item Versioning
  • Front-End: Product Page
  • Front-End: Product ZIP Preview Contents Lightbox on Product Page
  • Front-End: Category Page
  • Front-End: Frontpage
  • Front-End: Search & Refinements including by custom fields
  • Front-End: User Portfolio included on the public profile page
  • My Account: Dashboard
  • My Account: Balance
  • My Account: Downloads
  • Payment Gateway
  • Back-End: User Management
  • Back-End: Menu Builder
  • Back-End: Frontpage Builder
  • Testing before migrating ThemeSnap.com contents
  • ThemeSnap.com content migration and deployment
  • Product Launch for Sale


  Additional awesome, but time-consuming features

  • Club Subscriptions: Authors can setup their own club and sell all their products for one price and after that get a monthly payment for subscription to their club.
  • Proper product Types with custom Fields and lists and product Categories
  • Product ZIP package contents preview
  • Proper Uploader
  • Products versions – will allow buyers to access all the versions and author to document each new version in a Changelog
  • Authors Co-Authoring Agreements Mechanism
  • And many more which we are now keeping secret, but we’ll publish them as we approach the launch.

  How can you help us?

Just be patient. You can anytime pre-order the product and save $750 or contribute with a donation.



  Special Thanks!

To Alexander, Michael, Lance, Abdelhadi, Brian who helped us by donating or who already pre-ordered TMS!

PS: Just to give you a taste of how robust, dynamic and complex TMS is, watch the below video ;)

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About the author



UI Designer, Founder of RT Design Studio, themes author and in the themes business since 2009.

  • lloyd cole

    Dear TMS,

    I’m very interested in your TMS product, please would you kindly answer a few questions for me.

    I will be using the script for authors to sell images.

    Will there be a buyer request section?
    Example: I want a photo of a certain product

    Will i be able to have a subscription service (monthly fee) instead of commission?
    Example: author pays $45 a month instead of 50% of there sold photos.

    If i have missed this in the TMS preview then i apologize.

    Thank You

    • rtdesignstudio

      Hi, Lloyd.

      For selling images, we’ll have to implement the images watermark and adapt the design to this website type. Other than this – the TMS script is perfectly fit to serve a stock photos website (in terms of functionalities).

      Regarding the buyers request – you will be able to let authors take “freelance” orders which can be basically photos on demand. Buyers will be able to contact authors and specify the photo they are looking for.

      Regarding the second question: the themes marketplace has a different revenue sharing model, as you know. But we’ll consider implementing a fixed subscription fee for authors to be able to publish all their products for sale on your marketplace. This feature won’t be available in the initial release of the TMS.



      • lloyd cole

        Thank You very much Sir.

        Will be following TMS & get the funds together for purchasing.

        Great job Radu!

  • jamcamuk

    Hi TMS,

    I have been trying to email you via the address hi@thememarketscript.com but its bouncing all the emails right back at me!

    • rtdesignstudio


      Could you please try sending the email again, as we’ve just tested it and it works just fine.

      Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.


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  • Dimitri Genovese

    Si potrebbe avere una demo?Sarei intenzionato di comprare il vostro prodotto(anche se sono deluso per il ritardo di un mese).
    Cordiali saluti.

    • rtdesignstudio

      Hi, Dimitri.

      We wrote about the demo at the beginning of this article. Before making anything public, we’ll first test everything properly.

      Regarding the delay – everybody who pre-ordered the product want us to develop properly each aspect of the script rather than launch faster the product.

      PS: First we wanted to develop the script solely for ThemeSnap and only after that we’ve decided to publish it on sale after completion and proper testing. We’ve consumed much more human resources and time than expected, but the result will be awesome. Basically TMS will be the only option for those who are realistic about setting up a themes marketplace. Believe us that we’re much more affected by this delay.

      Thanks for your interest and comment. Stay tuned to be updated ;)



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  • Dimitri Genovese

    Quindi il download sarà disponibile frà un mese?
    Cordiali saluti

    • rtdesignstudio

      Stay tuned – as soon as we are getting close to the launch we’ll update the blog. So you’ll be among the first to know.



  • http://www.getlockr.com/ Raymonn Adams

    Can you put a form on your site so that when you go live you can notify people like me who are interested? Thanks!

    • rtdesignstudio

      We’ll notify everybody who contacted us – no worries ;)



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