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“Work hard and persevere” – interview with Alex Gurghis.

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alex-gurghis  About the author

Alex Gurghis is a Theme Forest author since January 2008. Meanwhile, he managed to publish 29 themes for sale, has 300 followers and 6500+ sales. He was kind to answer a few questions I asked him, so we can have a small interview on the website.

  What do you like about the theme’s market business model?

In my opinion I think it’s the best business model for web developers (seller) and for clients (buyers) too.

As a developer I can create a theme as I wish without be annoyed by the client :). It provides a passive income for a long period of time, depending on how good is the theme.

As a buyer I can choose from a wide range of themes the one which suits best on my project for a small amount of money.

  How you started to sell themes? Tell us your story.

I started it back in January 2008. At that time I was a Flash author on ActiveDen (Flashden at that time). At the beginning I was, like many others, employed and did the Flash components after work. It took me no more than four months to earn more money on ActiveDen that at work, so I decided to quit and I wasn’t disappointed. In 2011 I switched to HTML/CSS themes and after that to WordPress themes. It was a hard time for Flash those days, the sales went down to almost none so I had to do something earn for a living. I didn’t want to get employed again, I hope I will never do :) It was a tough year but I survived. I did what I loved and at the end it paid off.

The journey didn’t end yet, I still have more ideas to show off. And this is only the beginning.

  Which are the big likes and dislikes regarding the marketplace you are selling now on?

Ok, let’s start with the likes (there aren’t many):

  • The first and the main like is that they have a big market share. They are very popular and you have the chance to get a lot of sales.

The dislikes (here they come):

  • You get exposure for a short perior;
  • The search is not working as it should;
  • You don’t have the option to add your own price;
  • It’s hard to split the money with someone you collaborate on a project (there is no such possibility);
  • The design can be improved (at this time it’s not responsive);
  • To get 70% from all earnings you have to be an exclusive author which means you can’t sell the item elsewhere.

This are just the main dislikes I have about Theme Forest. I hope they will improve it.

  Would you establish your own theme’s marketplace and why?

No, I don’t want to establish a marketplace by my own right now. I just want to devote my time to creating great themes.

  What would be your recommendations for those who want to start selling themes?

Work hard and persevere. It may not be fruitful from the beginning.

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About the author



UI Designer, Founder of RT Design Studio, themes author and in the themes business since 2009.

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