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Where You Can Actually Sell WordPress, Drupal or HTML/CSS Themes?

By   /  April 16, 2014  /  2 Comments

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If you are a themes author and are looking to sell your products, here is a list of marketplaces you can do that on. I’ll try to do my brief analysis by several criterias and from the author point of view. I’ll give for each criteria a   or a  .

Please feel free to join the discussion, comment and suggest other marketplaces where designers can publish their themes for sale.


1. ThemeForest.com


ThemeForest is one of the Envato Network’s marketplaces. And it’s number 1. Here HTML templates are sold and bought, as well as themes for popular CMS products like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. The main focus are the WordPress themes though.

  Audience & Member base
With over 3 700 000 members, it certainly is the biggest themes marketplace. From them, 2 800 are authors. And each author has 5 items (average).

The ThemeForest marketplace has a total of over 14 000+ items.

So, the users per items ratio is 1:264.

  Product Prices
Prices vary essentially, based on the type of product sold or bought, starting at only $3 and reaching as high as $99 at the moment. That’s a good thing for buyers which get cheap products, but a bad thing for authors, as the prices are set by the marketplace.

  Items Exclusivity
Authors can choose if they want to sell their products only on ThemeForest, or not. Though they get less money from each sale in case they sell their products elsewhere.

  Payment Rates
If the author decides to publish his themes exclusively on ThemeForest, he gets a 50% share from each sale, having the opportunity of expanding his share to a maximum of 70% if his sales surpass the limit of $75.000.

If he decides to publish his themes elsewere as well, the author gets a lower share of only 33%.

  Affiliate System
The affiliate system on ThemeForest consists of 30% from a new referral sign-up first purchase on the envato network.

2. CreativeMarket.com


CreativeMarket is a platform for varied digital design content, as: themes, fonts, presentations, cards, photos, templates, etc. from independent creatives around the world. The bad news here is that it is not mainly focused on themes.

  Audience & Member base
CreativeMarket has over 300 000 members.

The market has to offer 28 000+ products. I couldn’t find how many of them are themes, but I suppose that less than on ThemeForest.

So, the users per items ratio is 1:10.

  Product Prices
Prices can be set by the author. Which is a great thing.

There is no exclusivity Lock-In; the products sold here can be present on other platforms as well without any limitations.

  Payment Rates
The author gets 70% of each sale.

  Affiliate System
CreativeMarket gives you 10% of every purchase for a year from all new customers referred by you.

3. Mojo-Themes.com


MojoThemes is a marketplace where themes and templates are sold and bought. Their templates range from basic Photoshop templates to complex premium WordPress plugins, their specialty is WordPress themes. Other than that, they sell themes for the most commonly used CMS and e-commerce platforms on the web.

  Audience & Member base
MojoThemes has over 95 000 members.

This platform has to ofer over 1 500 items.

So, the “users per items” ratio is 1:63.

  Product Prices
Prices vary between $5 and $100+. The bad news here is that the authors can’t set their own prices.

Authors can choose if they want their content to be on Mojo Themes only or not. Though they get a small limitation the the payment rates (see below).

  Payment Rates
For authors who sell their items on other markets also, they get 50% of each sale. The exclusive ones can get up to 70%, by selling over 2001 items.

  Affiliate System
For every person you get to sign up with MojoThemes, you’ll receive 30% of their first deposit or purchase.

4. ThemeSnap.com


ThemeSnap is a themes marketplace with the main focus on Drupal themes. It allows its visitors to purchase high quality Drupal themes at affordable prices. ThemeSnap also provides support and custom Drupal design and development for individuals and companies looking to use Drupal’s open source CMS technology for their project.

  Audience & Member base
ThemeSnap has a community of over 10 000 members.

This marketplace has to offer 100+ themes.

So, the users per items ratio is 1:100.

  Product Prices
ThemeSnap has to ofer items with prices ranging between $4 – $219

The products sold on ThemeSnap can be present on other marketplaces as well without any limitations.

  Payment Rates
Authors get starting from 55% of each sale, and have the possibility to obtain up to 75% by selling items with a total value of over $32.001.

  Affiliate System
By promoting these themes, you get 15% for each sale you generate.

Read our interview with Brian Gilley, the founder of ThemeSnap.

And here’s a tabular presentation of these four marketplaces, which should offer a more structured view on the aforementioned information.




Exclusivity & Rates

Affiliate System


3 700 000

14 000


Exclusive: 50-70%
Non-exclusive: 33%

30% from each new referral first purchase


300 000

28 000

set by author

Exclusive: 70%
Non-exclusive: 70%

10% of every purchase from referred customers during a year


95 000

1 500

$5 – 100+

Exclusive: 50-70%
Non-exclusive: 50%

30% of first purchase/deposit of customer referred


10 000


set by author

Exclusive: 55%-75%
Non-exclusive: 55-75%

15% of each generated sale


Theme Forest is the market leader. At least for now. From the author point of view you benefit from advantages like instant audience to your themes. The main focus is WordPress themes here. On the other hand, for authors, Theme Forest is a harsh environment in which they can’t set prices for their products, they are giving 30%-50% from each sale and they are not allowed to sell elsewhere at the same payment rates terms.

Creative Market is a rapidly growing market, though its main focus aren’t themes. But, as an author, you benefit right from the start of the 70% payment rate, you can set your own prices, you can sell elsewhere your products without getting penalized and after you open your shop there, there is no product moderation.

Mojo Themes is another nice marketplace where you can sell your WordPress themes, HTML/CSS or other CMS themes. But it has almost the same limitations (price, exclusivity, payout rates, etc.) as Theme Forest, but is far behind in terms of audience and member base.

Theme Snap has less than a year as a themes marketplace. It’s still small, but has all the advantages for authors: set your own price, sell your products elsewhere without getting penalized, great up to 75% payment rates and no moderation for the product. This marketplace is the most interesting one for Drupal themes developers, because in terms of ranking it beats even Theme Forest.

In terms of features and UI all the marketplaces still have a lot of work to do.

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