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TMS Product Types

By   /  May 27, 2014  /  3 Comments

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The goal was to create a powerful tool for TMS, which can describe any digital product type. So, there are categories on the marketplace and there are product types which have different attributes. We had to create a universal tool of describing those types.

First of all, no matter the product type, there are a set of fields which are universal for all the products, like:

  1. Product Title
  2. Product Description
  3. Product Thumbnail
  4. Product Poster (that 590x300px image) which can be a image or a image gallery
  5. Product File

Each of these fields has several settings which can be customized by the marketplace owner.


But what about when you want to add a new field for the product type? Here things start to get more complex. We’ve created a compartment where you can define fields for the product types. Let’s say you want to define a new field which will include a list of browser types. Add a new field in the Products > Fields section and define all the values:


And everything has multi-language support. In case there is only one language, then you have to define all the details for that one.

After the new custom field is defined, it can be set from the Product Type by adding a new Custom field and selecting it from the dropdown list:


After selecting it, the marketplace owner can customize this field’s settings:


This way, the marketplace owner can define as many fields as required to describe properly a digital product. All these fields will appear in the front-end Upload a Product User Interface.

Update: We’ve recorded a video so you can see all these in action:

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