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The Best Place to Sell Your Drupal Themes

By   /  January 18, 2015  /  No Comments

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Guys from ThemeSnap relaunched their marketplace on a totally new script. And in terms of features – it’s amazing.

While they now have only 61 66 Drupal Themes for sale (compared to ThemeForest’s – 236 themes, CreativeMarket’s 32 items, Mojo Themes 8 themes), they want to become the biggest Drupal Theme Marketplace. And they’ve got all they need – rankings, Drupal oriented audience, a robust script, authors willing to collaborate. And having more authors and Drupal themes is only a matter of time.


So, enough small talk, let’s get to the point(s) and see some facts / reasons why you should sell your Drupal Theme on ThemeSnap if you are a Drupal Themes author:

1. Focus on Drupal

ThemeSnap is the most Drupal focused themes marketplace. In terms of rankings, traffic and conversion rate. People mostly come here to buy Drupal Themes. Do a google search for drupal 7 themes, drupal mobile themesreal estate drupal theme, etc. and you’ll find themesnap.com on the first page. Why is that? ThemeSnap had since 2008 until a while back only Drupal Themes for sale, first as a Drupal Themes Shop and after that as a themes marketplace.

2. Name your price for you effort

ThemeSnap lets you name your price for your Drupal Theme. Because in many cases a Drupal Theme in fact is an entire Drupal distribution and not just a simple theme. That’s a huge effort author’s like DoubleMthemes do and of course a price less or equal to $58 doesn’t justify their efforts.

3. Club Subscription

On ThemeSnap you can also opt to sell all your themes for a single price + a monthly subscription fee. Or even create product bundles like these: Drupal Commerce Bundle or Drupal Classifieds Bundle.

4. Collaboration

You can collaborate with other Drupal Developers or Theme Designers to create awesome themes and split sales profits. There is a directory of authors which are willing to collaborate on the development or design side.

5. Sell Anywhere You Want

Unlike other themes marketplaces, they don’t punish you with a percentage loss in case you decide to sell your theme on your own site or elsewhere.

6. High Payout Rate

Though you start from 55%, you get up to 75% from each sale.

7. Instant

You publish your product instantly without any long lasting review process. In fact you can create an account right now and start publishing.

8. Marketing and Access to Customers

Set price discounts for your customers. More than this – offer personalized discounts to members which added your theme in their wishlist! Work with your audience and potential buyers.

9. Customers Database

Sell on an well-established marketplace. They’re not new. They’re since 2008. They have 10.000+ customers and a lot of them purchased repeatedly.

10. Features-Rich Robust Marketplace

It’s the most features-rich marketplace. And they plan to remain like this :) They are a small team which is very responsive and active.

11. Awesome Team

They’re close to the authors and in fact they “listen” to them.

So, if you are a Drupal Themes Developer, you should for sure publish your product for sale there. With your help, ThemeSnap will easily become the biggest Drupal Themes Marketplace. So, register and account and give it a shot!

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