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Starting a themes marketplace – hard, but not impossible

By   /  April 2, 2014  /  No Comments

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I’ve read a quite pessimistic story about WonderThemes. It’s about how Kimb tried to start his own themes market  . Well, it is a quite sad story which might convince a lot of people not to try.

start-your-themes-marketplaceBut that was a few years ago. Let’s see now what you need for establishing a themes marketplace.


That’s one of the most important ingredients. If you are thinking to just buy a new domain and establish a themes marketplace on it, just drop it. Audience is a key element here. It will be too expensive to advertise your marketplace, because, let’s say that you’ll use Google AdWords, well – you’ll invest $200 for a conversion which will generate you a $10-$15 revenue.

But, in case you are a themes shop owner, or a WordPress / Drupal / Joomla news website owner, or have a themes review website which gained a good audience and a strong position in search results, you’ve ready for battle.


All right – you have audience, but you need content for sale. And you need quality content. Or good prices. And here the relations you have with other authors are important. Are you able to convince more than 5 authors which have 10+ items portfolios to sell on your marketplace? And will they provide good support to the buyers?


Yes – you need the solution which will make the difference and will empower you and your authors to publish, sell and split earnings. Nowadays there are already several themes marketplace scripts available for purchase. Each of them has its features and disadvantages. I’ll try to do some research on what’s available on the market and I’ll get back with more details in the Theme Market Script category.

  Legal Environment

You need somebody to consult in order to setup your legal terms and conditions. Plus you need to setup a PayPal account, or use any other popular payment method to get paid and pay the authors.


Be careful if you choose to let the authors set their own prices, or you set the prices. Let them sell elsewhere, or make them sell exclusively on your marketplace. Let them collaborate, make price discounts for their products. Or not. Setup the affiliate system and contact other websites to implement your strategy.

These are just 5 of the key elements you just have to have before creating your own themes marketplace. I know that I was very superficial on all these and quite general, but I’ve dedicated this blog to people who are interested in the theme marketplace business or in selling their themes and I’ll come up with more detailed articles on each of the above key points.

So, hoping to get enough free time to fulfill my commitment. Stay tuned.

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