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Clone Forest Review

By   /  April 2, 2014  /  1 Comment

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Let me try to review the Clone Forest script, which is a themes marketplace script.

First of all, these are just a few thoughts, nothing too in depth, as I haven’t purchased this script and made all the judgements just using the live demo   they provide. 

And this refers to the product as I see it today.


  Design & UI

Personally, I don’t like it from the following reasons:

  1. It doesn’t use space rationally. When we’re talking about a marketplace, we should expect a lot of items and each pixel counts. Not having above the fold for some screen resolutions at least one item – that’s not good.
  2. It’s not exactly a clone, as they are stating, even in design terms. They don’t use the same themes thumbnail sizes, as Theme Forest does. They don’t use the same interaction conventions with which the audience got already used to. For example the mouse over state on theme’s thumbnail. Or how you access the theme’s details page.
  3. All those numbers (marketplace’s total number of items) are a disadvantage more than an advantage. Why? Because how many new marketplaces will be able to state a number that is close to 10% of theme forest user base? So – that’s not an advantage you want to mention. Focus on quality, niche, great prices or anything else except the how big the marketplace is. Because it isn’t.
  4. On the themes category page and theme’s details page things are quite far from a good UI. And here I am repeating myself again – all the conventions with which the user got used to on theme forest were just ignored. The spacings, proportions, font line height, paddings, usage of background image patterns and so on, make the design look old and far for clean & clear.

So, from this perspective, they still have a lot of work to do. In my opinion of course. And this doesn’t mean that there aren’t already several successful marketplaces out there which run on this script. Who knows…



They state that they have a “Unlimited number of features”:


Well, that’s not true. Even on their website   the number of features is limited to the following:

  1. Forum
  2. Built-in support system – I didn’t understood here if this system redirects all the issues that appear to the marketplace owner or to the item’s author. If it’s the first case, then it’s a disaster. Imagine you as the marketplace owner which has to take care of all the tickets for all the items which you aren’t familiar with.
  3. Multi-language system
  4. Multiple currencies supported
  5. Detailed sales reports
  6. Multiple payment modules with the possibility to request your custom payment module
  7. Built-in affiliate plarform
  8. Search engine friendly URLs
  9. Unlimited categories



Let’s suppose that I really want to establish my own marketplace. Of course I would want to have access to the script files, which apparently the Regular license doesn’t include. And of course I want it installed professionally, removing their brand and having a custom design. And I am serious about having a dedicated server which I don’t know how to configure and will pay them to do that for me. And I’ll need a lot of support, naturally, to establish everything right.


And, in these conditions, the price is 4000 US Dollars (at today’s exchange rate from xe.com = $4,014.63). In my opinion, that’s quite a lot compared to other scripts. On the other hand, that’s a very small investment, compared to developing your own theme marketplace script.

  Ratings & Comments

I’ve searched for reviews on this script. Don’t know if they are from actual customers or from their competitors, or even their own reviews. All that seamed weird to me was that positive reviews which affirm that this script is perfect are from persons which tell that are interested in buying the product. In this case how can they review the product if they haven’t bought it?

I’m interested in buying the v.1.12, It’s easy to install and customize, and totally has what i need on a marketplace script. Good job!

BatuhanA on   May 29, 2013

Hi, A quick thank you for this fantastic script. Well documented in easy to follow steps. The install was easier then I thought. Works perfectly. I saw a lot of scripts similar to this one but here’s no competition. Everything is perfect.

Iq-activeP on   May 28, 2013

Why would this one mention about “no competition”? :)

The script is perfect for me! It is just working. I agree there were some bugs but now it is just perfect. Also the new version 2.1 comes with awesome design and completely rewritten engine. It works faster and there are no bugs :) I love it!

Go guys! Good work!

IvvooP on   May 28, 2013

O.k – I’ll let you judge if it’s possible to get 3 5 stars “perfect” reviews at one day distance and two of them at a few minutes posting interval. Also two of these three profiles look fake or created only for reviews. Now let’s see other less “perfect” impressions:

WOW! I am interesting to buy ThemeClone Script v 1.12 but listening you I am not sure to buy.
You know something about ThemeClone Script v2.1
Have you buy another script?
Let me know

ManueleH on   Apr 29, 2013

Cloneforest.com is a scam site. I had purchased themeforest clone from cloneforest.com. But there script would not install. It showed error mysql 4 or greater required though i was having mysql 4 and 5 support on my webhosting server. When i contacted them they asked me purchase support for whichi did not pay initially. They have inbuilt errors in script so that you can not install script and need to purchase additional services. After i paid for support they corrected the error. But there are lot of other bugs in their script. Also before purchase when i contacted them they told me that i would be able to download future releases but they are not providing new versions for download to previous buyers.

RohanV on   Jan 29, 2013

And here’s another one found on Digital Point Forums:

It’s the same creators of CloneForest. I would HIGHLY recommend staying away. I purchased the Clone Forest $450.00 version with full source. The script was full of bugs and they were unwilling to fix them. Instead, they kept rolling out with different platforms for their software to make more profits, but never fixed the exisiting bugs or added new features for the current platforms (we bought a theme marketplace, they made a graphic marketplace, ebook marketplace, etc)
(They also own a cloneforest review site which made their script look more legitimate)

They used to have a forum, but removed it as soon as customers began talking about their lack of support, communication, and updates. They promised monthly updates at least. It has been 10 months and they finally released a new version (which is also buggy).

If you want to save time and frustation, I recommend staying far away from those people, no matter how nice their sales pages are.

Dragoon on   Apr 10, 2013

If you got the chance to use this script, you could come up with your impressions and experience in comments.


I know I was quite superficial on this one, but at least at the first sight, I think this script isn’t good enough for these money. I don’t know how well made it is or how optimized the code is, as I didn’t see any showcases with existing websites which run on it. It works fine on a 1000+ members database with 50 users browsing the website at the same time? I don’t know.

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About the author



UI Designer, Founder of RT Design Studio, themes author and in the themes business since 2009.

  • SimonJ

    Hi Radu,

    thanks for you complete review of this script, but i can not agree with you.

    First of all to the design looks awesome. Contemporary designs needs more space and air between the sections. Even if you can see themeforest.net have such huge spaces between sections. I`m attaching an image to see what i mean.

    About cloneforest, i have experiance with this guys and i have to tell you that the script is really good. I saw that you slice some of the reviews on the net but this days nobody will write a positive review just like that.

    Well here i am because i want to tank this guys help me to make my marketplace! I want to share with you my url but don`t take it as an advert. This is just a link to my working and managed by cloneforest website: it is luvly.co

    In general Amexi help me in modifications and customizations and for this 3 years i had no problems at all with this guys.

    About the prices… yes the prices are high, but i had really bad experience with 4 Indian companies and non of them managed to finish my marketplace. I spend 3 times the money i paid to Amexi. So sometimes it worth the high price.

    This is for now Cheers

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